Welcome to Alpha Martial Arts Inc! We are an ATA Black Belt Academy that focuses on providing a positive, safe, and challenging martial arts and fitness environment for children, teens and adults. This unwavering focus has been crucial in our ability to create dynamic and fun programs you won't find anywhere else!

Kicking and punching targets are a ton of FUN, a great way to relieve stress and a fantastic way to lose weight and stay in shape. Maybe getting in better shape means being stronger, faster, more coordinated and flexible.

Martial arts is an EXCELLENT way to learn self-defence and know how to stand up to bullies. It also provides a ton of confidence, good feelings about yourself, and the ability to speak up and make good eye contact.

Do you want your child to have better focus and develop better work habits? Or are you just looking for a safe place for them to have fun and make positive friendships that support the values you’re teaching them at home?

People train with us for ALL those reasons and we want to help you achieve the goals you've always dreamed of for yourself and your child.

Alpha Martial Arts Inc. can do all that and more! The curriculum and services we provide are done in a super fun, positive, and supportive atmosphere. Core values or life skills such as respect, courtesy, integrity, discipline and perseverance, among others, are prevalent in ALL aspects of a student’s training, which helps to reinforce the values that you are teaching your child at home.

And even more, Taekwondo is with PRICELESS benefits!

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Alpha Martial Arts Inc. provides a foundation to support a lifelong commitment to healthy living. It encourages students to be physically active, eat well and develop healthy habits. We take into account your overall health by addressing physical health needs and supporting positive emotional health and well-being, as well.

Our state-of-the-art facility is upbeat, safe and non-intimidating for students to develop new skills such as speaking and performing in front of an audience, assisting other students, working together in teams and meeting new people. We also acknowledge the importance of positive social interaction and our classes foster an environment where your child can develop positive friendships with a diverse group of kids. 

Your child can represent the academy in the community by demonstrating the skills they have learned, including leadership skills. This helps to support youth as they gain confidence and increased independence while growing older. Your kids will be able to learn problem solving skills, think on the spot, and develop mentoring and leadership skills. Gaining these important tools provides students with a “leg up” for later career choices and job opportunities.

Students and families have the opportunity to train together, which enables them to have a common interest, enjoy a fun activity together, learn self-defence and develop regular exercise habits. We truly think that families who learn and play together, stay together in a much happier way. Your whole family can proudly represent the academy at competitions, demonstrate respect to the judges and fellow competitors, support fellow classmates and celebrate the success of others, as well as your own achievements.

The instructors at Alpha Martial Arts Inc. are PASSIONATE about teaching and helping students grow physically and mentally stronger, leading to increased confidence in themselves and their abilities. They are excited to celebrate with you when you reach for and attain goals you never thought possible.

The entire staff works hard to instill all these values in every student and maintains them throughout the academy. A strong sense of family, school pride and community responsibility are highly encouraged here, while maintaining a fun and exciting place to learn and grow.

Our programs continually challenge, educate, and strengthen the character and physical well-being of both children and adults. As a result, many of the students have become strong leaders in the community and some have even gone on to become instructors themselves, passing on these same values and life skills to their students. Imagine what YOU can be, do or have when you start your martial arts journey... the sky is the limit! 

We can’t wait to empower you and see how fast you excel in Taekwondo, in school, and in life. Unleash that giant within you that wants to rise and shine in all that you do. See you soon!

Meet Marny Woolf
Owner at Alpha Martial Arts Inc. in Langley, BC
4th Degree Black Belt

Marny Woolf is the owner and head instructor of Alpha Martial Arts Inc. Growing up, Marny had a secret desire to be a ninja samurai fighting on the side of good and defeating evil. But she was always too shy and afraid of failing to try anything new. She joined martial arts as an adult 17 years ago and it opened up a whole new world for her. Now she fights for good, not through kicking and punching, but through enriching the lives of students, encouraging them to become positive role models and working hard to achieve their goals.

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Come join our Langley, BC facility! We offer programs in Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, and Birthday Parties . Choose a program that most interests you and take the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (604) 888-6645 if you have any further questions. We hope to speak with you soon!